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REAL is an ongoing collaboration between three Adelaide artists, John Blines, Michele Lane and Georgina Willoughby.  Employing light, sound, image, text and projection, REAL seeks to create experimental immersive works that explore contemporary themes around humanity's existence on this unique planet.

Project: Rare Earth

REAL share the belief that the prevailing economic paradigm of 'growth is progress' is a myth. We are concerned that humanity’s current rate of growth and consumption is unsustainable. Over the past three years, REAL has collaboratively developed and grown ideas to create a multilayered vision for Rare Earth.

REAL’s aim for Rare Earth is to offer the participant an immersive experience with an opportunity to collectively pause, reflect and imagine alternative futures.  Since their inaugural exhibition, Rare Earth, in 2017, REAL continue their investigations with two new works for public space in 2018:

Rare Earth: Graft, an audience-activated twilight walking tour for SALA Festival 2018

Rare Earth: 2018, new video installation for the Adelaide Festival Centre's New Media Screens, November 2018.


REAL's aim is to extend the Rare Earth project beyond the gallery context and into the immediacy of the public space.  REAL hope to create connections through audience activated work.